Domestic and International Payroll

Do you have employees working outside of the U.S.? We specialize in payroll consulting services for international, domestic, and expatriate businesses and provide payroll solutions in multi-currencies for any country.

These services include:

  • Payroll Calculations That Include All Required Withholdings and Deductions
  • Employees’ Net Pay Payments in Any Currency to Banks Worldwide
  • Payment and Filing of All in-Country Tax Requirements
  • Management of All Employee Deductions and Withholdings
  • Automated Gross-up Calculations for Hypothetical Taxes
  • Upload General Ledger Transactions in Multiple Currencies
  • Calculation of Shadow Payrolls
  • Work with Tax Providers for U.S. and Global Filings
  • Year-End Reporting for Employee Compensation Summaries
  • Employee Portal for Employee Access to Pay Information

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