U.S. Domestic Payroll Software


Designed by payroll professionals, Fiducia Payroll provides flexibility and control over payroll management processes, streamlining them while providing real-time access to accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Integration is simple—seamlessly integrate with your general ledger, time  and attendance solution, and your respective benefit carriers.
  • Robust paid time off accrual rules engine allows you to set up even the most complicated vacation and sick rule policies.
  • Automatic Garnishment calculations based on federal and state laws ease garnishment administration.
  • Full integration within a single database enables end-user views of paychecks directly from Employee Self-Service (ESS).
  • Files taxes electronic and sends electronic files to taxing authorities. Run payroll in-house or choose the processes to outsource. Control of payroll cycles assures satisfaction of Payroll departments while reducing administrative costs.