International Payroll Software

stock-photo-former-european-national-currencies-and-new-european-currency-euro-137695073Expatriate tax and international multi-currency calculations have been developed into the core of the payroll product allowing users to efficiently process global employees with the same ease and accuracy they expect from their domestic payroll.

  • Multi-Currency – Calculate employee checks in multiple currencies and display multiple currency on employees pay checks.
  • Produce unlimited number of wire transfers in an unlimited number of currencies to employee bank accounts worldwide
  • Calculate Federal and State withholding based on Section 911 stacking rules
  • Automated Gross-up calculations for hypothetical taxes.
  • Upload General ledger transactions in multiple currencies
  • Automated integration to international payroll providers
  • Calculation of Shadow payrolls
  • Check payroll Register reporting in multiple currencies
  • Ad-hoc payroll reporting in multiple currencies
  • Expatriate Compensation Breakdowns