Human Resource Management System (HRMS/HRIS)

Human Resource Management System (HRMS/HRIS)We offer one of the most robust HR Management Systems available. Built around a complex relational database, it has the automation and workflow features required in today’s challenging work environments.

Increased productivity

  • Our HRMS/HRIS software alows each user to easily configure up to 800 workflow icons. The result: an easy-to-use and adaptive system.
  • Flexible state-of-the-art security parameters give your system administrator  the authority to easily allow each user to view or record each data element  within the entire application.
  • Each user can be granted rights to a restricted view of the employee  population or other components of the system.
  • The Humanic HRMS is built using the latest state-of-the-art relational  database and development tools.
  • We provide support for industry-specific panels that you co-develop.

Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service

Humanic HRMS offers real-time integrated employee and manager self-service components that free up administrative demands on HR departments.

Low-cost ownership

  • A single price delivers the entire system—there is no need to add individual modules separately.
  • Enjoy a flexible and comprehensive suite of features at a competitive price.

True HR business intelligence reporting

  • Humanic delivers a large suite of standard reports.
  • The integrated report tool allows for comprehensive exploration and analysis of data.

Applicant Self Service

In today’s economy, the pool of resources is growing larger than ever before. Applicant Self Service (APSS) gives you the ability to monitor applicants and quickly distinguish talent from the masses It’s fully integrated with the core HRMS module and is updated in real time with full audit controls.