Annette Messler

Annette MesslerVice President and CFO of Global Operations Annette Messler has an intimate knowledge of accounting and human resources spanning three decades, two of them in international payroll and accounting.

The veteran CFO and her team of experts were already helping numerous companies expand and refine their expatriate employee operations when she joined with Bradley Toland to create Fiducia Global Solutions.

With her knowledge of accounting and human resource issues and his payroll software expertise, they offer an a la carte system that can fit any client’s individual needs.

“Whether the client needs to outsource those services or needs help setting them up so they can handle them in-house, we work closely with the client,” Messler said. “We can meet their needs domestically or internationally, and in multiple countries.”

Messler’s team can handle any or all of the entire dizzying array of requirements faced by a company doing business in a new country. They’ll find them a new country tax provider and a U.S. tax provider who can work together to make sure they complement one another.

The attention to detail by Messler and her team can also be turned toward setting up human resource policies for the expatriate employees and making sure they are correctly paid in the country where they will be working.

Once the HR policy is set up, Fiducia can set up the payroll and make sure it’s running as it is supposed to, with taxes properly paid in both countries. They can handle internal operations such as intercompany chargeback involving large numbers of expatriate employees.

Messler is a specialist at such responsibilities as setting up books for monthly financials. She has also hired, managed and trained operations staff for international and domestic payroll services,

“We’ll do everything for you or teach you how to do it yourself,” she said, “or we’ll give you the bits and pieces of the picture you need to fill it out your way.”

Just dealing with employees in one country can mean numerous complex regulations and shifting tax laws. Messler and Fiducia are specialists at making sure a client is compliant with all the regulations in multiple countries, coordinating everything from tax laws to time zones.

That can make a significant financial difference to a company, not to mention a measurable reduction in headache levels. Getting the correct certificate to the Indian government can mean a 20 percent savings in the tax required on some transactions. Some African countries have currency regulations that make it difficult to deal in U.S. dollars. Australia has multiple entities that require tax payments on different schedules – monthly, quarterly and annually. Messler and her people keep track of all that.

The goal is to build a smoothly running machine.

“My team and I are the mad accountants,” Messler said. “It’s not strictly about numbers. There are a lot of moving parts, and we love it.

“Once it’s going, it’s good. The processes are set up and everybody’s on the same page. Taxes are getting paid and everybody’s filing what they’re supposed to through the year-end – it’s beautiful.”